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Our teachers utilize many programs and resources to supplement our curriculum. With the adoption of the Common Core State Standards, we are currently reviewing all of our textbooks, resources, and learning activities to make sure that they are in alignment.

We serve a wide range of learners. We are prepared to help those who are not quite at grade level and to enrich those who are beyond. We’ve spotlighted a couple of ways below that help each and every one of our students meet or exceed grade level benchmarks.

Accelerated Reader

Our students really enjoy our Accelerated Reader (AR) program, a Renaissance Learning product. Our students read books and take quizzes to test their comprehension. Reports that are generated help both our students and teachers gauge current reading levels and set future reading goals. Our students and staff alike find AR a very motivational complement to our reading curriculum.

Our media center staff takes the lead in the AR program and has provided resources for your use (at the side of this page). If you would like to look up the level of a book or see if there is an AR test available for a book, go to Renaissance Learning’s Bookfinder site. For more information about how your child’s teacher uses the AR program in the classroom, please contact the teacher.

Character Counts!®

Mission Valley is a Character Counts!® school. This means the school follows and models the six pillars of character each and every day. Our behavior matrix sets expectations for student behavior and describes what each pillar will look like on campus.

Character Counts

Character Counts Matrix 


Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention (RTI) is a framework of instruction that we use at Mission Valley for early identification and support of our students with learning or behavioral needs. RTI is a tiered approach that begins with universal screening of all our students.

We provide our students who are struggling with interventions at increasing levels of intensity to accelerate progress. We use a wide range of interventions and many are technology-based. We monitor each of our student’s growth regularly. Our students who are receiving interventions are monitored a bit more closely and more frequently. If you have concerns about your child’s progress, please contact his or her teacher.

Student Recognition

The Wildcat Pins and Pennants program is an ongoing award system that students earn at Mission Valley Elementary School. Upon enrollment at Mission Valley, we give a pennant to the student and they can earn pins by participating in various activities. Pins vary by grade and are awarded for various accomplishments.

The purpose of this award is to recognize well-rounded individuals who exemplify the qualities that Mission Valley Elementary hopes to foster in all of its students. After completing sixth grade at Mission Valley, the students will take home the pennants as a symbol of remembrance. 

M.V. student recognition