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Extracurricular Opportunities


Student Council

The student council plays a vital role in our student body. Students assist with a variety of fun and entertaining activities which help make Mission Valley a special place for students to learn and grow.

Noon League 

Our intermediate students can participate in a variety of Noon League Sports that are offered throughout the year. The following sports are offered; football, soccer, basketball, and baseball. Boys and Girls are encouraged to sign up and participate on a team in their classrooms. As long as we have 'good air' you can count on Noon League at lunchtime. 

Musical Theater

Students in 5th and 6th grades can participate in our Musical Theater production which is directed by Mrs. Vossler and a few other valuable staff members. Practice is usually held from 2:45 p.m. till 3:25 p.m. and is done towards the end of the school year.

Poetry & Prose Festivals

The purpose of Poetry & Prose festivals is to encourage and applaud students for learning new poetry and practicing their presentation skills. It is our hope that students leave with a better understanding of how they can improve their performances, techniques, but it is our main goal to have each student appreciate and enjoy the art of Oral Interpretation.

Mission Valley Poetry & Prose

Mission Valley hosts our own Poetry & Prose event annually. The event allows all students the opportunity to memorize their favorite Poem and to perform in front of classmates and family members.

TCSD Poetry & Prose Festival

Students recite poetry to an audience and our facilitator representatives who consist of TCSD Board Members, Principals, Vice Principals, RTI teachers, and some community members. Students are given certificates of participation and feedback on their performances from our facilitator representatives.   

TCOE Poetry & Prose Festival

Students present poetry to an audience and judges at this county-wide oral interpretation event. Oral and written assessments are offered to each student, along with personalized certificates denoting their rank of Superior, Excellent, Very Good and Good.

Tulare County Spelling Bee Championship

The Tulare County Office of Education hosts a yearly Spelling Bee Championship normally held at the Visalia Convention Center. Students in grades 4-8 face off in a public, oral spelling competition. Schools hold their own spelling bees and select two students to attend the county-wide championship. The county champion has the opportunity to go on to the National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C.

Math Super Bowl 

The County Office of Education hosts a yearly Math Super Bowl that is normally held at the Visalia Convention Center. This event is open to seventh and eighth-grade students. Each Tulare County school brings two seventh grade and two eighth grade teams. Each team consists of five members. Over 700 students participate in the day-long series of mathematics challenges. Awards are given to students in both large and small school categories. Ribbons, medallions, and trophies are awarded for excellent mathematical performances.

Participants compete in three events:
Power Bowl - Students will work independently to solve 35 multiple-choice problems in a 40-minute period. All test materials will be furnished, including pencils and scratch paper. There is no penalty for guessing. Individual trophies will be given to the top five students in each category. Top scorers from each school will be recognized with a Power Bowl Individual Honors Ribbon. 

Pro Bowl - Students will be divided into teams of five students from different schools. They will be given one open-ended problem to solve in a 45-minute period. The Pro Bowl will be evaluated on the thoroughness and accuracy of the answer. The problem will be scored by a committee of judges. Judges will look for natural breaks in the distribution of scores. Those in the first break will receive Superior ribbons, the next break will receive Excellent ribbons.

Team Bowl - Students will compete in teams of five from their own school. Each team will be required to complete 20 multiple-step problems in a 40-minute period. Judges will look for natural breaks in the distribution of scores. Those in the first break will receive Superior ribbons and the next break will receive Excellent ribbons. 

 District Track Meet

The district hosts a yearly track meet that is held at the Bob Mathias Stadium in the spring. 4th-grade participants and all 5th and 6th-grade students attend. Students who place, 1st through 4th place are awarded ribbons.

List of Events: 
Softball Throw – 4th, 5th, 6th 
Standing Long Jump – 4th, 5th, 6th 
50 Meter Dash – 4th, 5th 
75 Meter Dash – 4th, 5th, 6th 
100 Meter Dash – 6th 
200 Meter Relay – 4th, 5th, 6th 
400 Meter Relay – 4th, 5th, 6th 
800 Meter Run – 4th, 5th, 6th

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